the chocolate cake story

A week ago, over on Instagram, I promised you a story about this cake. It is indeed no ordinary cake. Quite the contrary. It is in fact the best chocolate cake in the world. And I don’t say these things lightly because I love chocolate cakes. And chocolate generally. But this cake? This is the next best thing to being in love. Or even the physical love if you ask me… 😉

The recipe can be found in Nibsy’s Cookbook released in late 2021, but I first had this cake about 7 years ago, when I visited my sister in the town of Reading where she used to live at the time. I was going through a break-up and my sister wasn’t very supportive as she disapproved of the relationship in the first place. But what she’s always been very supportive of were coffee times and cake adventures. And so she took me to this newly opened charming little cafe where I ordered a chocolate cake with raspberry filling that looked heavenly to a chocoholic’s eye.

And I truly was in heaven the second I tasted it. I savored every bite and the memory of it stuck, as well as of our time together with my sis, and was put on the pedestal with some of my most favorite memories and most indulgent foodie moments.

I kept dreaming about that cake ever since! And a dream and a memory, no matter how special, it was indeed to remain, for my sister moved to Australia before I could come back and have this heavenly cake again. And so it was lost to me for good. Just like the man.

At that time I drew a parallel between the cake and the man – I was convinced the cake was the same as the man – the best there is and I simply cannot find a better one and I was to wander through my life knowing nothing will ever come close. A sad prospect indeed.

But I was wrong. About the man – not about the cake.

At the time of ordering the cookbook, I was excited that I will finally be able to make the best chocolate cake for the best kind of man. A match made in heaven, pairing the two bests in an even more heavenly symphony. Plus my man was a chocoholic too, so I couldn’t be more excited as I knew this will be a huge win. I couldn’t wait to spoil him – and yes, impress him too.

Sadly, before I could get my hands on the cookbook, the considered “best man” once again departed my life.

But the cake returned… just as the man was leaving. And this time it was to stay.

You see, the cake seems to be coming to my life in the times of need – the need of more love. And indulging in it, really feels like being loved.

But I wonder, is the message of the cake once again, that the best man is yet to come? Because if this man truly was the best, the cake and the man would meet in perfect synchronicity. But they missed each other… a close miss, but a miss nevertheless.

As much as the cake has proved to be the best cake in the world – I wondered if after all these years I will still think so, but my gosh there’s nothing better! – the man did not stay… and he’s lost to me now.

So I wonder, now that I have the cake forever, am I ready for my forever too?

Or is the cake telling me that nothing is forever lost…? As I never in my wildest dreams thought I would taste this cake again… And yet, here I am now. With the golden recipe in my hands. Forever. Though just a moment ago, it seemed forever lost.