Aragorn the Cat Coach

So my human brought these funny red things again.

They smell of soil and something else that’s not exactly pleasant to me and I certainly won’t eat them, but they are precious nevertheless – because they seem to make my human happy. Which is why I’m guarding them as you can see.

You see, over the years spent with my human, I noticed some recurring patterns. Each season seems to have its own rituals. And even if I may not take an active part in them – like eating strawberries brrr (seriously, what humans can eat is beyond me!) – I am enjoying observing them. It gives life certain order, but in a fun colorful way.

For example, I know when there is a tree with funny shiny balls on it, that my humans will be spending a lot of time at home and that the outside is cold. Both make perfect circumstances for napping and then sleeping some more (oh, those delicious winter sleep!).

And I also know, when the tree disappears, that as sad as it might be, it will appear again at some point. It all goes in circles and when you reach one end, another starts all over again and so the tree will reappear too, and then it will be time for yet more delicious naps and times in my human’s lap. So no reason to despair.

Quite the contrary, In the meantime there are other pleasurable activities on the horizon – like spending time in the warm sunshine. So there really is no need to be sad and moan over the tree. All we need to do is to embrace the new season and its new pleasures. Because otherwise, in our sadness, we might as well miss it.

You see, the cycle of life and the ever changing – yet always returning – rituals, make you appreciate things much more. For if they stayed, we wouldn’t even notice them and we might even miss life itself.

Aragorn the Cat

Plus, it just makes life more fun! And these funny red things are part of it.

They mean long evenings on the balcony and napping in fresh air. They mean watching the flickering lights and night skies. And sadly some annoyingly provocative birds flying by too… 😾

They are also messengers of the hot days that are ahead which my perfectly fluffy fur wasn’t made for… But no season lasts forever and all have their ups and downs, I’ve learned that much. And so for now I’m going to enjoy the best parts of each for as long as I can.

And I hope you will too! Cause otherwise, you might just miss something important… like the beauty of life itself.

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