lilacs fairy magic

This beautiful fairy brought some light into my life when it was anything but magical. She sparked hope, and made my heart shiver with childlike happiness and wonder. Admiration even, and awe.

I exchanged it for the money I made on selling some old frames I no longer had use for, in a time, I wouldn’t have been able to afford her otherwise. And I’m so glad I sold those frames and that she’s with me now!

You see, in her, I managed to capture the magic of the lilacs season all year round. Not it’s magnificent smell, but the essence, the thought of it. And sometimes that’s all you need. A thought of something that you love, that brings joy to your life. A reminder that it will come along again. When the time is right. That the magic is still here. Just hidden for now.

All you need, is to keep such reminders close, so the magic and the promise of joy never quite leaves you. And so I keep the lilacs fairy close to me. For to me lilacs are pure joy. A magnificent, magical time of year. Reminding me of all the beauty of this world. And I do need that reminder. Often.

Now I’m not saying, you should mindlessly go and buy stuff or that you can plaster feelings of unhappiness with things. But if something creates that special magical tingle in your heart, the sense of childlike awe, and you know they’ll remind you of that each time you look at them – that’s the kind of magic worth spending money on. Cause that thing will remain precious. So do keep it close. By doing so, you’ll keep the magic close too ✨ And we all need more magic in our lives!

P.S. She’s got sparkles all over her skirt which sparkle in daylight 😍✨💞