Did you know that autumn is the early evening of the year? With late October being the evening.

It’s probably why I love it so much, because generally, I would say, early evenings are my absolute favorite. There’s something about the world closing down on the day. The time of sunsets always bring such piece and calm to me. No matter if it is at the end of a hot summer day, or a short winter day. I just love the early evenings energy. I feel my best at this time.

But I do treat the evenings differently depending on the season. While in summer I enjoy evening walks and late dinners, enjoying as much time outside as the long days offer, in autumn and winter, I turn inwards and practice evening yoga at home with candles lit up. And I absolutely LOVE these sessions, this me-time I give myself. But I never need them in summer…

It’s beautiful how the changing seasons effect our mood and our energy.

Because autumn truly is the time where we turn inwards. Back from the outer world of spring and summer.

Autumn is a transitioning season between summer and winter and as such can cause some difficulties, as our bodies find it difficult to adjust to the new regime. And if we don’t support it with the right kind of nutrition as well as self-care, it will result in illnesses such as dry cough, colds, dry skin or even sadness and depression.

That’s why it’s so important to tune in with the seasons. And be in sync. However, in our modern lives, we usually go on in the same way no matter the season. And then we wonder, why are we running into so many „mechanical“ issues.

It’s simple – there’s time to plant, time to harvest, time to slow down and time to rest.

We never have the same energy all year round, just as nature does not give us produce all year round nor do the flowers bloom all year round. So can’t you. And it’s sad that the modern society denies this and wants the same kind of results from us each season…

But there’s time to prepare for winter sleep and that’s exactly now. Just as the squirrels and hedgehogs and all the other animals prepare their habitat for winter and collect as many nuts and food as possible, so they could rest in the cold months and stay strong, we need to do the same. Because we are part of nature and so the same principles apply. Even if we’re not exactly taking part in the winter hibernating quite literally, it is still time meant for rest and rejuvenation.  

But how exactly can you prepare for winter and support your body during this transitional season of autumn? If you want to find out more, then join me in The Happy Circle this month where I’ll be sharing tips for our overall wellbeing this season, as well as some fun activities to ensure you have fun this season too!