lilacs fairy magic
Everyday Stories

Keeping the magic close

This beautiful fairy brought some light into my life when it was anything but magical. She sparked hope, and made my heart shiver with childlike happiness and wonder. Admiration even, and awe.

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Aragorn the Cat Coach

There’s Beauty In Every Season

Over the years spent with my human, I noticed some recurring patterns. Each season seems to have its own rituals. And even if I may not take an active part in them – like eating strawberries brrr (seriously, what humans can eat is beyond me!) – I am enjoying observing them. It gives life certain order, but in a fun colorful way.

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the chocolate cake story
Everyday Stories

The Cake Story

At that time I drew a parallel between the cake and the man – I was convinced the cake was the same as the man – the best there is and I simply cannot find a better one and I was to wander through my life knowing nothing will ever come close. A sad prospect indeed.

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