How I Coach


Sometimes we need a little push to see the beauty in our world and our lives or when we feel our happiness slipping through our fingers in the everyday busyness of our lives (trust me, I’ve been there!). And that’s where I come in – to help you find your happiness for the very first time, or to rediscover it again. Yes, even in the middle of the chaos.

To help you get out of the dark place and perhaps start all over again.

Stop feeling lonely and lost.

I can guide you to your happiness and make the journey much shorter than it otherwise might have been. Because I walked the road before you. And I know the shortcuts and how to get out of the woods (though I love the woods!).

Now, I CAN point you to all the different roads, but ultimately it is only you who knows which one to take. It’s only you who knows your own recipe to happiness and life well lived. But I’m going to help you find all the right ingredients, that will make it a tasty ride.

I specialize in offering simple, actionable steps you can take today and which will have (mostly) immediate effect on your happiness. Because none of us has time to spare or wait to be happy – we live NOW! And now is a precious commodity.


My approach is rooted in kindness and compassion – towards ourselves and the world. Self-love is where it all starts.

I believe in simplicity and creating ease in our lives. So the steps I offer are nothing complicated and applying the strategies and tactics won’t overwhelm you in any way. Remember – I’m all about SIMPLIFYING life. So overwhelm is the main enemy here.

I believe creativity and imagination are inseparable parts of our happiness, and I will encourage you to be creative even if you consider yourself the least creative person on the planet. We are ALL creative – all humans are, it’s in our genetics, we just forgot how to access our creative genius.

I will often encourage you to write, as writing is another natural thing to us all, yet so many find it daunting. But – I don’t want you to write to create art (though you never know what you discover once you start!), but rather to connect to yourself, find solutions, some deeper truth, get to know yourself better and expand your horizons – and have FUN.

Don’t worry, I’m going to ease you into it all!

Remember simplicity and ease! And FUN.