Long Story Short

My name is Monie Forrs and I’m a writer and coach.

I coach happiness and help people with finding their way back to it or discovering it for the very first time.

Through self-love and simplicity, I teach them there is no need for any big achievements to actually feel happy, nor do we need to wait for some distant point in the future to let ourselves be happy – I will show you how to be happy in this very moment and how to quickly and easily bounce back and shift your mood, and generally make the most of your life right here, right now.

Over 3000 thousand students to this day, went through my online courses on Udemy receiving raving reviews.

I run a free community called The Happy Circle with monthly themes and challenges all with one common aim – to keep us happy and connected so no one ever has to feel alone.

In 2020 I wrote a short e-book called Transform Your Life in the Midst of Crises (which you can buy here).

I’m also the author of the Cat Coach Diaries, where my cat guru Aragorn takes over and spills out all the life truths to you (including my own shortcomings) in his very unique way. You can subscribe for exclusive monthly entries here.

I love telling stories and creative writing, and I also tend to write poetry to help me navigate some difficult times and let go of some heavy feelings. You can read my poems here.