I’m a writer by the soul and a storyteller at heart.

I have been writing stories ever since I learned how to write and I credit my sister’s primary school teacher, Mrs Müllerová, for discovering my passion for words and telling stories. As she once assigned her pupils a homework which consisted of writing an original fairytale and when my sister shared it with me, I excitedly jumped at the challenge myself.

My first story was about a Waterman who was so fat he couldn’t hide behind a rock and therefore remain unseen. Yep. I still have it.

It was a huge success with my family, and I’ve been dreaming of a writing career ever since – first of writing children’s stories, later on big epic love stories that would leave you weeping and with a broken heart, yet you couldn’t help but love them (think The Thorn Birds by Colleen Mcculough).

Though a career of the queen of romance has so far been escaping me (although you never know!), writing and storytelling has always been a big part of my life and of whatever I did.

I wrote for school magazines (and even created my own), I wrote and directed a school play for my class’s Christmas afternoon at the age of 9. (And I even awarded the Oscars for it! – big gingerbreads shaped as the famous statues. Yes. Really. My mom still has the cardboard template somwehere.)

Enchanted by the Lord of the Rings trilogy when I was 13, I started dreaming of becoming a filmmaker when I get older and of making it in the film industry. And I did have my shot, working on some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world as well as on film sets. I was thrilled to be helping stories to be told and seen in that way.

Through that work I met some of the most inspiring and creative people in my life, but also many that took my passion for life in the film industry away.

And so, true to my storytelling heart, while heartbroken and lost, and hugely confused, I turned to writing once again and started a blog about films, turned „film coaching“ blog, that eventually lead me to finding my purpose – inspiring people and helping them live happier lives through my writing as well as coaching.

You see, I see stories everywhere I look.

I hear them in sounds of birds and autumn leaves rustling in the breeze.

I hear them in music and I once used to help tell stories through it too.

I even used to tell stories through chocolate in my mom’s little chocolate shop where we offered handmade artisan pralines – each praline took you on a new adventure and had a story of its own.I believe there’s a story in every meal we eat and that food, just as the clothes we wear, is memories.

I believe every entrance door to a house has a story of its own.

And there’s absolutely impossible amount of stories in nature!

In fact nature, is more like poetry.

I discovered poetry when my heart was broken to million pieces and found it’s the best way to heal.

My poems may not be what you’d expect from someone teaching happiness, but it’s letting out these heavy emotions we all have through poetry, that leads me back to my happiness each time.

Poetry is incredibly healing to me. And though it might be scary sometimes to share those poems with the world, as they are the most vulnerable of my writings, I do love it.

After all, it does show life in all its colors.