The Happiness Coach

My search for happiness started about 14 years ago. Although truth be told, that quest really began the day I was born, as all my life, as all of us, I’ve been looking for things I enjoy and bring me joy.

But when I finished Uni, and went through some disappointing work experiences as well as human experiences, with my family’s life being deeply troubled, I wondered if there is a better way… I wondered what it actually is that makes people happy… The more unhappy the people in my life were, the more I wanted to be happy myself. I wanted to become an antidote to their unhappiness. And with a bit of luck, help them come to the other side. I wanted to prove there IS another way.

I looked for happiness everywhere, as we all do, but in time I realized, it’s not in the outside world, not in any particular job or a goal accomplished. And not in any specific thing or place, or another person. It can only ever be found in ourselves. In our self-love, kindness and compassion. And in knowing ourselves the way only we can.

It’s in our connection to the natural world, and in our everyday stories. In the simple things, in the beautiful little moments of life, that bring smile to our face unexpectedly and in creating these moments intentionally. It‘s in living mindfully, so we can actually notice it all, in living in the present moment. Because that’s where life happens. That’s where the magic happens. And that’s where the happiness resides.

Realizing that was a huge relief to me. Because what it truly meant was, that my happiness is not dependent on anything, or anyone nor any place – just me and myself. And as such, I could take it anywhere with me and access it at anytime.


My life has been completely turned upside down by the arrival of four tiny kittens in 2012 and I realized just how much happiness giving and sharing my love for them brings me. It really was a turning point for me. In returning to nature and to loving all living beings without difference.

I’m a huge animal lover and (an imperfect) vegan for 3 years now and my passion for animals and nature itself is part of everything I do. My aim with helping people find their happiness is for them to spread the happiness to ALL living beings too. Because the happier we become, the more we want everyone around us to be happy too and that leads us to more conscious and compassionate choices, which include ALL the living beings.

I saw it with myself.

So to me, helping people find their happiness, is me doing my bit to make this world a better, kinder and more loving place. One person at a time.