What I Believe In

I believe in life being simple. Simple pleasures which give us the most pleasure of all. I believe in simplifying work, simplifying our space… simplifying our lives.

I believe in finding joy and magic in the little moments of life. Because it’s the little moments that become big in retrospect. I believe you can find a spark of happiness in the darkest of times, be it having a cup of tea in your favorite mug or watching the clouds go by.

And I believe in beauty. For surrounding ourselves with beauty makes our lives more beautiful too.

I believe that connecting with nature and the natural world is inseparable part of our happiness.

I believe in kindness and compassion towards ourselves and the world around us and every living being.

I believe true happiness lies in the way of the children. The way they approach life with eyes full of wonder, never shying away from any new experiences and frankly, never giving up or consider themselves failures. And yes, in the way they can have fun.

A lot of it also lies in the way of the cats – which my cat Aragorn will tell you all about in his Cat Coach Diaries 😉

And I believe we don’t need achieve anything particular in our lives to be happy right here and right now.

I believe in the power of plants and a plant-based life being a huge part of our happiness. Because it’s feeding and nurturing our bodies with the right nutrients that will ensure not only our longevity, but also the longevity of our happiness.